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Don’t Wait Until Next December to Sort Through Your Christmas Decorations!

When you were putting out your Christmas decorations, did you think “It’s a really busy year this year with so much going on, but next year I will have more time to sort through my Christmas decorations”? Now that it is January and it’s time to take them down, are you considering just throwing them back in the boxes and not thinking about it again until next year? 

Well this is your opportunity to interrupt that habit and evaluate whether you WANT to continue to do what you have always done, or if you want to try something different…

We often think, “I will be able to make the cookies, bake the pies, organize the house, and finally decorate the way I want next year. This year has just been so busy, I just need to get through this year!” The challenge with this common way of thinking is that it does not have a defined timeline or list of small actionable steps toward what you’re going to do differently to get ready for next year. (If that is truly what you want instead of feeling obligated to do it) When there is no dedicated time on the calendar, it just doesn’t happen, not because anything is wrong with you, but because time becomes fluid and life happens! 

So this January, I challenge you to sort through your holiday decorations as you are putting them away! Take a look at the items you didn’t put out this year and consider donating anything that is not sentimental. If you didn’t put the item out this year, you most likely won’t put it out next year either. 

Here are a few options to consider when it is time to start putting the holiday decorations away: 

  1. Look at what’s left in the boxes and donate what you did not put out. Donating the decorations that you do not use allows space for the things you truly love and that make your heart warm.
  2. If your boxes have lots of sentimental items that you don’t display, consider passing them to another family member that would love to display them.
  3. If you struggle with letting these things go, I suggest placing all the items that you did not take out and put up in a box and mark the box accordingly (e.g. “Did not display in 2022”). Next year when you open the box, you can see that these were the items that were not displayed last year, and you can decide if you want to display them this year or if you’re ready to let them go.

Whatever you decide, the whole point is to only keep the things that really mean something to you.  The things that make you feel warm and special,that bring back fond and wonderful memories. Give yourself permission to ditch the items that do not make you feel that way, most of it is just stuff! Simplifying and making space in your home is a beautiful feeling.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like somebody has pressed the fast forward button on my life. I know that if I do not make intentional time to tackle projects either by placing them in my calendar or by having my accountability group checking in with me, then it will not get done! 

If you are like me and struggle with creating dedicated time, consider checking out our Support and Accountability Groups. These small person groups really are fantastic for giving you that dedicated time, professional guidance and listening to what others are working on is motivating. 

No more trying to go through and organizing your home or your paperwork by yourself.

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Terina Bainter

I started my professional organizing business, Clutter Cutters, in 2012 to help others reach their potential by decluttering and organizing their homes. Having someone support you and teach you how to break each decluttering task into a step-by-step process makes any overwhelming project doable. Helping my clients create and maintain streamlined systems of organization is so rewarding! 

Through my work as a professional organizer, I have learned that the number one thing that clutters people’s homes and stresses them out is paper! That is why I founded The Paper Academy, to help my clients learn how to sort their mail, process their important papers, and create filing systems that keeps them on top of their paperwork. 

Ultimately, my goal is to help you improve your life and save you money by reducing the anxiety, time, and expense that your cluttered environment causes. Learning the skills to manage your items and your paperwork is the perfect place to begin your organizing journey!

Everyone deserves to feel empowered in their home and confident with their paperwork – including YOU!