Clutter Cutters

Group Virtual Organizing

A safe virtual space for you to set aside two hours each week to work on your home organizing goals with a group of like-minded individuals ready to cut the clutter together!


Thank you for your interest in the Group Virtual Organizing classes! This small group setting gives you the opportunity to choose an area of your home to make improvements to, and have a professional there to guide and encourage you with helpful tips and recommendations. 

It can be expensive to hire a professional organizer to help you with your home. I am passionate about teaching organizational skills at an accessible price. That is why the Group Virtual Organizing Class is only $240/month! You’ll be provided with a certified professional organizer and coach to teach, support, and encourage you for two hours every week, which means you’re getting 8 hours of organizing at $30/hour per month! 

I will be there to help, guide, support, and encourage you every step of the way! 

Stay awhile! Recurring payments allow you to conveniently continue your ongoing membership to the Group Virtual Organizing class for as long as you need!

What You'll Receive

8 hours of group organizing

We'll meet for two hours on Wednesdays from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. PST. Makeup classes are offered in the event you missed a prior class.

Accountability AND Follow Up

I will be with you on the Zoom video meeting to provide support, encouragement, and guidance. I check in weekly, seeing how you are doing, what you would like to work on next, and help you set obtainable goals.


The groups are supportive, safe, and non-judgmental. No matter your situation or progress, all of us will be cheering you on. Groups are limited to 8 people.

Are you ready for accountability and support?

Once you sign up, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our subscription plan. We participate in recurring payments that can be canceled at any time by logging into your account right here on the website. 

After you sign up, watch for an email from us! You’ll have three forms to view and complete (Agreement, Questionnaire, Guidelines and Expectations). You’ll also receive the Zoom link to use each week.


12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. PST

Not able to make a class? No worries! I understand that life happens, so I offer to make up classes for this purpose as follows:

May & June, you miss a class – you can make up the class the first Tuesday in July from 10-12.
July & August, you miss a class – you can make up the class the first Tuesday in September from 10-12.
Sept & Oct, you miss a class – you can make up the class the first Tuesday in November from 10-12.
Nov & Dec, you miss a class – you can make up the class on Monday, Jan 10th from 10-12.

It will not matter which class you are in, the make-up class is good for the any group.

Do you have more questions?