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Maximize Space and Stay Organized with Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers: A Versatile Solution for Winter Gear and More

With winter on its way, getting prepared for storing the heavier coats, scarves, hats, and gloves now helps avoid the clutter that they could create later. Here are a couple of options: 

1) Create and label a bin with each person’s name, then all their items can live in that bin when they are not wet.  

2) I use an over-the-door shoe organizer for all smaller cool weather gear. The clear pockets let you see what is in them so you can easily grab what you need in a hurry.

The over-the-door shoe organizer is one of my favorite organizing supply items of all time. I use an over-the-door shoe organizer every day to store hats, scarves, gloves, earmuffs, cooling rags, dog leashes, and grab and go dog treats, just to name a few of the items. 

When my boys were little, I used an over-the-door shoe organizer for their school and art supplies. I would store their crayons and colored pencils in clear plastic cups, so that I could easily take the cup out and put it on the table where they were working. Then when they were finished, I could just as easily pick it up and put it all away. This made cleaning up and organizing their school and art supplies super easy and efficient. This helped us to always know exactly what we had and where it was located.

You can use the clear plastic cup trick for items that are sharp, like scissors, pencils, or pens. I  put those items in a small, clear plastic cup that fits inside the pocket so that those items don’t poke through the bottom. I also find this trick really helpful for those really small things that are hard to get a hold of, like paper clips or rubber bands. Having them in a cup means that you can take the cup out and easily grab what you need when you need it. 

This is also the perfect solution and extremely helpful for organizing small kids’ toys, such as little dolls and clothes, hot wheels cars, transformers, and small stuffed animals, just to name a few. They even make over-the-door shoe organizers that have larger pockets, which can be helpful for storing kids’ clothing. That way, kids can help pull together their outfits and feel more independent.

The over-the-door shoe organizer is such a great versatile tool for a very reasonable price. I prefer the clear plastic ones so that you can easily see what is in each pocket. I find that the ones with the canvas fronts have a tendency to let things poke through, but actually work really well for clothing that may get damp. 

I have also repurposed over-the-door shoe organizers to hold first aid type items, overstock of office supply items, and pantry items. There are so many versatile uses for this particular item. Do you have a small bathroom with very little counter space? Go vertical and gain a bunch of space! 

So as you can see, over-the-door shoe organizers have so many versatile uses. I basically use them for everything except for shoes!

Interested in learning more great home organizing tips? 

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Terina Bainter

I started my professional organizing business, Clutter Cutters, in 2012 to help others reach their potential by decluttering and organizing their homes. Having someone support you and teach you how to break each decluttering task into a step-by-step process makes any overwhelming project doable. Helping my clients create and maintain streamlined systems of organization is so rewarding! 

Through my work as a professional organizer, I have learned that the number one thing that clutters people’s homes and stresses them out is paper! That is why I founded The Paper Academy, to help my clients learn how to sort their mail, process their important papers, and create filing systems that keeps them on top of their paperwork. 

Ultimately, my goal is to help you improve your life and save you money by reducing the anxiety, time, and expense that your cluttered environment causes. Learning the skills to manage your items and your paperwork is the perfect place to begin your organizing journey!

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